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Pretrial and Re-entry Evidence-Based Programming 

 At Eden House, we strive to provide an alternative to incarceration by offering court diversion evidence -based  programs with recovery housing for men. 

Who We Are 

Our services are designed to treat substance abuse and mental health disorders, while meeting the basic needs of our clients through housing and supportive services.

Guiding Principles

Areas of focus: Educate, Treatment, and Prevention

  • Provide wrap around services and access to treatment and long-term care for all residence
  • Educate participants on substance use disorders focusing on prevention, treatment,  recovery and relapse
  • Educate participants on mental health and well being
  • Support advocacy through education training
  • Participate in community intervention planning with other community providers, stakeholders and elected officials 


The values of “Eden House” are faith, commitment, love, and support. For several years, jails have been utilized as dumping grounds for the homeless, mentally ill and substance abusers. It cost an average of $100.00 per day to house a person in a local jail. If they are prescribed medication the daily cost for their jail stay could double. Most inmates are held in a jail for up to 90 days for a nonviolent misdemeanor offenses.

Under a new rule that was recently passed in the state of Indiana, inmates are not allowed to be booked and immediately released if they are homeless, have untreated mental illness or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of booking. “Eden House” is connecting men who are released from prisons and jails to services and housing that will reduce recidivism.

“Eden House” offers the judicial system alternative placement for men who suffer from homelessness, mental illness or substance abuse the opportunity to receive evidence - based programming and housing to eliminate criminal behavior that is often triggered by untreated mental illness or substance use.

Our program is vital to eliminating barriers that are often identified while attempting to place individuals that are in the criminal justice system into housing and services immediately after release.

How We Started 

Planted Seed Ministries was founded by Dr. Renecia Williams-Ellis in 2005. Planted Seed Ministries Inc. has been utilized as a stepping stone for over 100 men that have been released from prison and jails that were homeless after being released from incarceration.

We have assisted with housing, job placement, counseling and most importantly love and support as many have transitioned from institutions back into society. Planted Seed Ministries Inc. is currently working with courts, medical and mental health professionals, probation and other local community providers on the opioid and alcohol crisis in Northwest Indiana.

Our Mission

“Eden House” in conjunction with Planted Seed Ministries is designed to empower individuals to root out and destroy those things that have kept them from prosperity. This is possible by sowing new seed in their lives through love, housing, and supportive services so they in turn can reap a plentiful harvest.

Our Vision

Housing not incarceration, we are committed to providing housing with wrap around services to reduce recidivism while promoting public safety.

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